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web design website maintenance checklist

Maintaining your website regularly is a must. Website maintainance can reduce errors, update your website and keep your website functional. Web maintainance is difficult and time consuming.

Here is a checklist to help you do this hard work:

  1. Keep your domain records and accounts up to date. Update your domain register before it is expired.
  2. Update your copyright notice in your web footer and anything with the lines of “@2009 your name”. The overlooked the copyright notice makes the website look outdated and unmaintained by the owner.
  3. Check your website email addresses and make sure they are all active.
  4. Check links. Website with broken links looks unprofessional and cost your business.
  5. Test forms. “Contact us” or other forms are the communication media between you and your customers. Test those media whether operates in the expected way. Also remember to check the errormessages and automated messages.
  6. Check search engine visibility. Search engines bring you traffic, but rankings may change. Find out the reason, changes in the search engine ranking formulas or changes made by your competitors, and take actions accordingly.
  7. Check insite search. Insite search is a efficient way, for many of your web visitors, to find information they need. Ensure your site search working properly.
  8. Check site download speed.
  9. Check confirmation and automated messages. Check the content of the confirmation or automated messages from your registration, enquiry, and other forms, and ensure it match your current marketing messages.
  10. Update time references. Information with specific time reference on your website need to up to date.
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