What is web development?

The term “web development is roughly a whole set of processes that involved in producing a website, including e-business web development, web design, web content writing, multimedia integrating, web programming, and configuration of the web server.

Web development usually includes most of the activities that related to various of forms of website projects, ranged from a single page of plain text to a large web-system or a EC(electronic commerce) website.

As a professional web design and web development organisation, we provide quality web development services. We have the ability and technology to fulfill your business needs by planning, designing and developing a fully functional website.
With well-planned tuning and readjusting process, we can also help you to raise the performance of your existing website to be a successful online solution.

Our Web Development Process

Project Requirement Analysis and Website Planning

By analysing your industry and the nature of your business, we can define your target audience and the domain area, decide the scale of the web-based system, and choose what web technology we should use.
Evaluation and planning is critical for your website project, right information should be well organized and put in the right place at the right time to achieve your online marketing goals. In order to do that, a website planning session will be conducted to make sure that all information and web elements will be organised and placed in a proper manner.

Website Architecture

With the architecture analysis, we will have a detailed plan about website’s structure, layout, functionality and back-end system for your online solution.

Visual Design and UI(User interface) Design

At this stage, visual elements such as well-designed logos, banners, background images and icons will be used to present your business on the website.
Also at this stage, our web designer will decide what feels and looks your website will have by consulting with you.

Front-end Implementation

By front-end coding, we’ll convert the blue-print of your website into real webpages with blank area left for information and multimedia.
You’ll be able to see the structure of your new website at this stage.

Back-end Implementation

This stage includes tasks such as: domain name binding, email system integration, CMS installation, template creation for CMS and web analytics/monitor tools integration, etc.

SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) for Website

  • We’ll conduct a keyword research session to define a set of keywords which closely related with your business to use on your website.
  • Content preparation by using texts you provide, we’ll review the web contents and give you suggestion about how to implement the keyword strategy.
  • Combine with the link building strategy, a higher search engine ranking would be achieved.

Monitoring and Feedback

A mechanism will be set up to monitor the performance of your website, surveillance report and feedback will be issued on a periodic basis.

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