Keynear Creative Studio offers quality web design services, include graphic design, website interface design and full website development.

Full Website Deployment

Keynear Creative Studio specialises in the web design and development of websites, from scratch to its completion.

We design the look, feel and functionality of the whole site, and turning it into a good marketing tool.

We build websites that range from small 10 pages business brochures to large CMS driven content-rich websites.

Full website deployment includes  4 stages:
  1. Graphic design – To decide the looks and feels of the website
  2. XHTML/CSS Coding – Turn images into the browser displayable web pages.
  3. CMS Integration – Combine the web interface with content management system.
  4. Site Completion – Navigation, link building and usability/ web standard check.

We make 4 different kinds of websites:

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