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Keeping things simple is an open secret to success and happiness. Same in the web design world, the expression “keep it simple, stupid” is accepted widely by most of the web design professionals, and valued as a basic rule.

Simplicity doesn’t mean boring. Simplicity can be achieved by avoiding any unnecessary web design elements. In another word, simplicity equals necessary or essential.

Here is a extremely bad web design example taken off from this “Mew’s Webpage”, that shows the unnecessary element (the cluttered background) messing with the texts.

Can you distinguish between texts and the background on that web page?

It is a rather complex job for web designers to set up a user-friendly website with all the information presented and unnecessary details removed. A fancy layout website with overdone graphics, flash animations and pop up windows can reduce the website’s usability, distract the reader’s attention, shade some of the information. This would be an unpleasant web suffering experience for the readers. They may not come again, which makes you lose.

Easy navigation is another crucial factor for a good web design. Web users are getting impatient, and they are unwilling to take time to learn complex things. It is critical to have simple web design to guide users to find the information they need by a couple of clicks. Web pages cluttered with information drive away users, as they cannot find what they are looking for.

Let’s take a look at Apple’s website.

We can tell from this site that a good website includes:

  • Simple background. The background is plain, and there is no bright colour interfering the reading.
  • Simple navigation. The clean clear header navigation keep consistent throughout the site.
  • Focused information on each page. Each page contains related information only, that would less the readers’ option, eliminate readers’ extra thinking and decisions.

Fancy layouts and navigation menus cost more time, effort and money than those of simplicity and consistency. Fancy ones slow the download speed of each web page. Web users will leave the website if they take more than approximate six seconds to load a page. To us, what a waste!

Use simple techniques, such as XHTML, CSS, in your web design, other than Adobe Flash, Java Applet or Microsoft Silverlight. Web pages built under those simple techniques can be well presented on most of the web browsers. Also, it is good for the search engines to rank the website.

Simplicity should be always kept in mind throughout the web design process, no matter who the web designer is, what the web site we design. This rule benefits us when we KISS it: keep it simple, stupid.

Our web designers always keep the KISS principle in their mind at every stage of web design process. They manage to figure out the right balance between the information and its presentation on the screen, and build nice, clean and functional web sites.

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