On September 24, 2009  

free wordpress theme keynear flew

I’m proud to announce that our first WordPress theme code “flew” is released.

Click to preview the free WordPress theme “flew”.

This is our little contribution to the GPL world.

The CSS, XHTML and design is released under the GPL.

It’s expected that more WordPress free theme will be released by our studio in the near future.

Basic information for this theme

medium violet red, purple, red, dark, black, right-sidebar, fixed-width, two-columns, sticky-post

How to use?

Just download the zip package and unzip it, copy the flew-keynear folder to your WordPress theme directory, then log in your WordPress control dashboard -> Appearance -> Themes, find the theme named “Flew 1.0” by Jason L, activate it and enjoy.

Screen Shot

Download Free WordPress Theme – “Flew” Now!

Change Log

Version: 1.1

Released on 2nd, Oct, 2009

  • More styling on post body
  • More styling on comment area
  • Rounded corners added for Firefox/Chrome
  • The main navigation  CSS drop down menu fixed
  • Some minor bugs fixed

Version: 1.0

Released on 24the, Sep, 2009

On September 16, 2009  

There are lots of ways to improve web design. Here are some simple tips for you to share:

Tip 1: Fast Speed

Not everyone has ADSL 2 Plus or faster internet connection. Lots of people still use dial-up modems to access internet. Please take off any fancy redundant images or plugins and quicken your web pages’ download speed. People will leave your website if it takes them over 10 seconds to open. Probably they won’t visit again. So, start checking your website assets and evaluating the loading speed of your website. If you don’t know how to do that, learn it or leave to web design professionals.

web design - grade your website level
What is the grade level of your website?

Tip 2: Readability

web design - readability is the important factor to let your vistor stay

For the visual aspect, there are a lot we can do in the web design.

  • Choose the colors carefully, like the safe combination – black text on white background.
  • Underline the links.
  • Use headings and subheadings.
  • Make the headers of the same importance in the hierarchy look identical.
  • Paragraph the text with roughly 4 sentences in each paragraph.
  • Use white space.

For the content of the texts, state your message in a manner of clearness and easy understanding. Short sentences and words may help.

Tip 3: Consistent Layout

The style of layout should be the same throughout your websites. The different layouts in the different web pages will confuse the reader: “Am I visiting the same website?”

Tip 4: Easy Navigation

web design - navigation is the key
Easy navigation is a part of a successful web design.

  • Use navigation buttons and bars in the same place on every page.
  • Include a homepage link in your navigation bar that can guide visitors back to the homepage wherever they want.
  • Offer a search tool to help users find information they need on your website.

Tip 5: Browser Compatability

web design browser compatability
So many web browsers, is your website READY for them?

There are many people who use Firefox, Opera other than Internet Explorer. Use the program code carefully (Web design standard: W3C compliance) while you are doing your web design work. Make sure your website runs properly on the most of the web browsers. Don’t exclude any of your web readers just because they favor certain web browser.

Tip 6: Provide options

If you really want to add music to your website, give the readers choice to turn the music on or off. They don’t like to be forced to listen when open your website. Please leave out pop up windows or plugins. You just make us no choice, and we hate that!

Definitely there are plenty ways to improve your web design.

If you need any further suggestions or little help about your website, please feel free to contact us @ web design melbourne – keynear creative studio.

On September 12, 2009  

When you choose a web design service or make a website by yourself you may probably have questions like “Is there any standards towards web design and web page industry?”, or “Is there any basic web page coding rules to follow?”.

Then it goes to be our topic today – Compliance with W3C standards will help a lot to your website and your business, and it’ll save you a bunch of money!

What is W3C Compliance anyway?

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

The term W3C stands for “World Wide Web Consortium”, it was founded in Oct, 1994. At the very first of beginning, the guidelines to code and make web pages had been outlined and offered by the W3C organisation to web browser developers and web designers to follow to ensure the web page coding compatibility between browsers. It sets up for a “best practice”, a set of standard code, that’ll allow the web designers to create complex and integrated websites without any errors and hassles by following a set of standard formatting and coding rules. If you want to know more about the background knowledge of W3C and other related topic, please go to the W3C Standard Wiki page.

It doesn’t “have to” be complied with, as some web designers could still make shiny websites without following any of these W3C standards, and the web pages created that way could still display properly in Internet Explorer and other web browsers. But why should we bring our website into W3C compliance? Is there any benefit in doing that? It’ll be critical when you decide to  implement your web design plan, and bring your website blueprint into real practice. We’ll discuss it in the next section.

Why is W3C Compliance so important?

Here is a list of reasons why you should take W3C Compliance into account when you are considering building a complex website:

  • W3C Compliance ensures accessibility for the disabled – W3C Compliance provides guidelines to help these people to use world wide web
  • W3C Compliance makes your website accessible from a vast number of different devices including the fast-growing and Internet-ready mobile devices and browsers – if you don’t follow it, something may go wrong in certain kind of devices, you never know
  • W3C Compliance makes it possible to keep the feels and looks of your website consistent while opening it in any web browsers/resolutions/devices of any kind and achieve the cross platform ability – it’ll be a time consuming task to test and adjust your webpage to look good in every web browsers if you don’t follow the standard, which means it’ll cost you more money
  • Moreover, it’ll help you to get a better Internet marketing performance by providing search engine friendly code in the background that will not interfere the search engine bots – The search engine bots are web based programs that “crawl” your website, collect and sample the data of your website into their databases, then that’s why you can get results out from search engines, the non-standard code may slow down the crawling of these bots, interfere with its functioning, lower its efficiency, and cause uncertain issues.

So if it’s only doing good for your website and your Internet business, why not follow it? Respect the standards and rules, you’ll get rewarded.

How do I comply with the great W3C Standards?

It’s better to get your web design plan included with a “W3C Compliance” entry, then you can take it into implementation. The earlier the better, you can’t imagine how hard it would be to rebuild and start all over again for W3C compliance if you got a 1000-page website which failed to follow the standards.

The options you can take for your W3C standard practice:

  • Start building a website by hiring some talented web designers (like us!) that fully understand the web standards
  • Get your website redesigned with qualified professionals
  • Learn by yourself and prepare to spend a lot of time on it (it worths though)

Our website is proudly to be W3C-validated!

Valid XHTML 1.1

This icon shows that we have taken the care to create an interoperable web page, you can also put it on your website while the web page is validated.

We strictly follow the W3C standards at every stage of web design project life-circle and make you quality and standard-complied website.

To find out how we can help you for your website and your business, please contact us for details.

On August 30, 2009  

Hi, I’m Jason, lead designer of Keynear Creative Studio.

Today I’m going to have a quick review about how our website www.webdesignmelb.com.au was graphically developed.

A few months ago when we decided to start this brand new design business as we were drafting our web design business plan, I’d already thought a lot about how we would start with a blank canvas then to build an aesthetically pleasing yet a simple and functional website for our business.

It’s always hard to start doing something when you don’t actually have any direction, so some hand-drawn draft for basic layout and content blocks would do help. It gives you the raw idea about how it would look at the very early stage, then you could add colours and graphics onto the raw website wireframe.

We decided to use 2-column layout for this web design project, it’s one of the most common and popular website layout structures, relatively easy to extend graphic elements and to implement our web design ideas.

So here’s the first web design prototype of our website:

First web design prototype of keynear creative studio

Soon we got the second prototype:

second web design prototype for keynear creative studio web site

The multi-coloured “wing” with the special “bubble” effects gives it a vivid feeling, presenting the idea of variation of design art and creativity.

With some polishing, we got the 3rd one:

But soon I changed my mind, and made the final one as you can see this is the current design we are using:

So this is it. It’s a clean and simple design that I expected to have.

I guess it’ll change again soon, as long as designer puts his new idea into implementation, it evolves.

On July 30, 2009  

Our Web Design Blog Launched - Keynear Creative Studio

We are excited to announce the launch of our web design blog!

This official web blog will update regularly as we go further.

The topics will cover web design trends, web design technologies, web design pattern, web design insights, web design industry news and discussion, etc.

It’s all about the web design!

Let’s discover the beauty and mystery of web design!

Keynear Creative Studio Blog Team