On September 12, 2009  

When you choose a web design service or make a website by yourself you may probably have questions like “Is there any standards towards web design and web page industry?”, or “Is there any basic web page coding rules to follow?”.

Then it goes to be our topic today – Compliance with W3C standards will help a lot to your website and your business, and it’ll save you a bunch of money!

What is W3C Compliance anyway?

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

The term W3C stands for “World Wide Web Consortium”, it was founded in Oct, 1994. At the very first of beginning, the guidelines to code and make web pages had been outlined and offered by the W3C organisation to web browser developers and web designers to follow to ensure the web page coding compatibility between browsers. It sets up for a “best practice”, a set of standard code, that’ll allow the web designers to create complex and integrated websites without any errors and hassles by following a set of standard formatting and coding rules. If you want to know more about the background knowledge of W3C and other related topic, please go to the W3C Standard Wiki page.

It doesn’t “have to” be complied with, as some web designers could still make shiny websites without following any of these W3C standards, and the web pages created that way could still display properly in Internet Explorer and other web browsers. But why should we bring our website into W3C compliance? Is there any benefit in doing that? It’ll be critical when you decide to¬† implement your web design plan, and bring your website blueprint into real practice. We’ll discuss it in the next section.

Why is W3C Compliance so important?

Here is a list of reasons why you should take W3C Compliance into account when you are considering building a complex website:

  • W3C Compliance ensures accessibility for the disabled – W3C Compliance provides guidelines to help these people to use world wide web
  • W3C Compliance makes your website accessible from a vast number of different devices including the fast-growing and Internet-ready mobile devices and browsers – if you don’t follow it, something may go wrong in certain kind of devices, you never know
  • W3C Compliance makes it possible to keep the feels and looks of your website consistent while opening it in any web browsers/resolutions/devices of any kind and achieve the cross platform ability – it’ll be a time consuming task to test and adjust your webpage to look good in every web browsers if you don’t follow the standard, which means it’ll cost you more money
  • Moreover, it’ll help you to get a better Internet marketing performance by providing search engine friendly code in the background that will not interfere the search engine bots – The search engine bots are web based programs that “crawl” your website, collect and sample the data of your website into their databases, then that’s why you can get results out from search engines, the non-standard code may slow down the crawling of these bots, interfere with its functioning, lower its efficiency, and cause uncertain issues.

So if it’s only doing good for your website and your Internet business, why not follow it? Respect the standards and rules, you’ll get rewarded.

How do I comply with the great W3C Standards?

It’s better to get your web design plan included with a “W3C Compliance” entry, then you can take it into implementation. The earlier the better, you can’t imagine how hard it would be to rebuild and start all over again for W3C compliance if you got a 1000-page website which failed to follow the standards.

The options you can take for your W3C standard practice:

  • Start building a website by hiring some talented web designers (like us!) that fully understand the web standards
  • Get your website redesigned with qualified professionals
  • Learn by yourself and prepare to spend a lot of time on it (it worths though)

Our website is proudly to be W3C-validated!

Valid XHTML 1.1

This icon shows that we have taken the care to create an interoperable web page, you can also put it on your website while the web page is validated.

We strictly follow the W3C standards at every stage of web design project life-circle and make you quality and standard-complied website.

To find out how we can help you for your website and your business, please contact us for details.