On August 30, 2009  

Hi, I’m Jason, lead designer of Keynear Creative Studio.

Today I’m going to have a quick review about how our website www.webdesignmelb.com.au was graphically developed.

A few months ago when we decided to start this brand new design business as we were drafting our web design business plan, I’d already thought a lot about how we would start with a blank canvas then to build an aesthetically pleasing yet a simple and functional website for our business.

It’s always hard to start doing something when you don’t actually have any direction, so some hand-drawn draft for basic layout and content blocks would do help. It gives you the raw idea about how it would look at the very early stage, then you could add colours and graphics onto the raw website wireframe.

We decided to use 2-column layout for this web design project, it’s one of the most common and popular website layout structures, relatively easy to extend graphic elements and to implement our web design ideas.

So here’s the first web design prototype of our website:

First web design prototype of keynear creative studio

Soon we got the second prototype:

second web design prototype for keynear creative studio web site

The multi-coloured “wing” with the special “bubble” effects gives it a vivid feeling, presenting the idea of variation of design art and creativity.

With some polishing, we got the 3rd one:

But soon I changed my mind, and made the final one as you can see this is the current design we are using:

So this is it. It’s a clean and simple design that I expected to have.

I guess it’ll┬áchange again soon, as long as designer puts his new idea into implementation, it evolves.