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Troubled with lacking professional web design knowledge? Thinking about buiding a website for your business? CMS might be a choice for you, but it is rather a difficult job to choose a right CMS for yourself. There are some advice for you. Let’s start from here:

What is CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System, which allows customers to create and edit their website’s content simply and easily in an administration section of the web application. Read more…

Do you need a CMS for your website?

flow chart do you need a cms

This chart explains to you briefly when a CMS can be your option.

Things to consider when choosing the right CMS

Choosing the fuctionality is very like shopping. For my experiences, you definitely will buy things you don’t need without a shopping list, especially when you are hunry. Same thing, you should always ask yourself “what do I want from CMS” before choosing a CMS. Do I need some of the great functionalities of CMS, or I just feel like it? Make a list!

Most people think of using CMS to create, delete, edite and organize pages. They assume all CMS’ have those functionalities. However, it is not all right. Here is a example. Many blogging platforms allows owners to manage and organize pages only by date or category. If you want organize your pages in a tree hierachy, those blogging plateforms can not be your pick. So, do not take the functionality for granted. Always ask or do the research.

When you need a CMS with search functionality, a few things need to be considered. If you change your website’s content regularly, the search engine should index your website often. Dose the search engine index the files, like PDFs, Words, Excels, in your website? How long can it take to get the search result? Can you change the way that the results are displayed? etc.

The most important thing for you is the CMS should be easy to use. Choose the one you can easily get comfortable with, otherwise, it is will be pain for you.

Top CMS’

WordPress is a very user friendly CMS. The administration interface is easy to use, even for a non-pro. There are lots of help documents available for your reference.

wordpress logo

Drupal is one of the top open source CMS. Some web developers find it more funtional than wordpress and Joomla, but the system is quite complex. It might not be the better choice for non-techies.

drupal logo

Joomla is a highly flexible CMS. Its numerous modules and components have very pretty framework and interface. It is easy to learn for starters.

joomla logo

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