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CMS websites, self-editable websites or self-support websites.


CMS = Content Management System. Actually, CMS website, where you can update the website contents, just as simple as using word processors or as easy as sending email via web interface, you can do it all by yourself without knowing any computer codes or learning any programing stuff.

Usually, dynamic websites powered by a set of web application called CMS.

What kind of website needs a CMS?

  1. Frequent-updated websites with image and text contents, you need to update it very often so that it can not be static.
  2. Your website has more than 20 of web pages, it’ll be too hard to maintain links and navigation by static web pages.
  3. You’d like to manage and update it by yourself, it’s a good idea to have a CMS installed so that you can focus on the content building other than computer craps.
  4. You have a crew to maintain and update your website together, but you want them to have different access levels.

What you need is a web browser, then you need to input your account and password to log in into the CMS system as a system administrator to perform management roles via the web based interface.

How CMS will help you to achieve your business goal?

  1. Add texts and images to your website so it’ll become content-rich.
  2. Update news and events on your website, let your customers know what you are doing currently.
  3. Update images and manage your website as a web gallery.
  4. Add and Control online Ads on your website.
  5. With some sort of marketing tools integrated, your new or prospective clients can get in touch with you via some web contact form.
  6. Information and resources on your website can be sorted and categorized to help your visitor to locate what they want.
  7. Security and access level control can be achieved by an access control system, you can create something like private or member only area on your website.


We are using award-winning CMSs like Joomla!, Drupal and WordPress to build dynamic websites. These CMS systems are winners in this field, they are up-to-date and being upgraded very often. As you can imagine, our website itself is built on one of these CMS systems, you can have one like this too!

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