Which kind of website will suit your business needs best?

In web design process, in order to get the best result, it’s very important to think thoroughly about the website type before you proceed with your web design and deployment planning.

This part aims to bring you basic concepts about website types, it’ll also help you to decide what functions your website should have and help you to choose the right website design packages.

We make 4 different kinds of websites, which are described below:

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Static websites

Websites which can not be self-updated, basic HTML sites, Splash-page site.


A static site is just a website that has no updating tasks, it performs only as an online brochure. Contents can be updated by the web designers only, and the main purpose for this kind of website is to help your customers to get to know a little more about your business as a research and reference tool.

Dynamic Websites

CMS websites, self-editable websites or self-support websites.


CMS = Content Management System. Actually, CMS website, where you can update the website contents, just as simple as using word processors or as easy as sending email via web interface, you can do it all by yourself without knowing any computer codes or learning any programing stuff.

Usually, dynamic websites powered by a set of web application called CMS.

Flash Websites

Adobe Flash powered websites, Animated websites.


By using Adobe Flash technology, a flash website could be built to have an interactive web interface. A flash website has an attractive look and animation features other than “static” web pages.  Flash element also typically used within a common website where needs some animation and special effects. If we use flash elements properly and wisely, it’ll greatly raise the interests of the visitors and give your website a lift.

Electronic Commerce Websites

Online Shops, Internet Stores, Online Shopping Carts.


As all the other online shops do, e-commerce websites are selling products or services online by enabling orders, sales and payments via a secured web portal.

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